General rules at festival locations
– Festival wristbands must be worn at all times
– Everyone is subject to search upon entry
– Be respectful towards other festival visitors
– Be respectful towards the festival staff and volunteers

It’s forbidden to bring
Animals, Beverages, Drones, Drugs, Explosives, Fireworks, Flyers, Food, Knives, Laser pointers,
Markers, Posters, Promotional materials, Professional cameras and Weapons to the festival locations.

It’s allowed to bring
cell phones & chargers, 
cigarettes & lighters, 
dancing shoes, 
digital & film cameras (non-pro),
fanny packs, 
flags, go-pros, 
hats, inflatables, laptops, 
small towels, 
sun block, 

It is not permitted to bring beverages inside the festival locations.

Cameras & photography
Photographing for publication (be it print, digital or any other professional context) is not allowed
without authorization from the festival.  Photographing and filming for private use is allowed.

Food and snacks
It is not allowed to bring food other then Fruit and Bread inside the festival locations.

Food allergies
If you require special food or drinks by reasons of a certain (food) allergy or other medical reasons
make sure to bring a medical certificate.