ByBase Talkshows


14:30  – 15:30 hrs –  JUDGING EXPERIMENTAL
Hip hop lab 040 invites a everybody to discuss and settle the confusion of dancing between the styles. This is not just a discussion panel we openly invite everybody to figure out how to guideline the free categories in events. What music to play, what can be the judging criteria, how can event promoters prepare and inform dancers how participate. Together we will work toward a practical guide for promoters judges and dancers.
Host: Jurskee
Guests: Renegade, Stanny (unbreakable), TBA

16:00  – 17:00 hrs –  NO MORE TIES
The Annual IBE Judging Debate Every year we talk with experts, experienced judges and judging system builders about the proces of judging dance battles. What criteria do they use? How can judging systems help to bring more transparency? What makes a good judge? What is the meaning of a tie? To name just a few of the topics we will touch on.<BR?
Host: Jurskee
Guests: Renegade,  TBA

17:30 – 18:30 hrs – CREW BUSINESS
How to do business with your crew? What is it like to go in business with crew mates?  Teaching, performances, organizing events, working with companies and cultural organizations might not be the thing you and your friends were thinking of when you started many years ago. Niek of The Ruggeds (Holland) and Max of Momentum Crew (Portugal) join the conversation to share stories and experiences.
Host: Jurskee
Guests: Niek (The Ruggeds), Max (Momentum Crew), TBA

21:30 – 23:00 hrs – HOW TO HEAL YOUR BREAKING BODY
Info TBA

It’s almost midnight, some people want to party other want to sit down relax and listen to inspiring stories told by inspiring people. After Poe One, mrWiggles and Storm, The Notorious IBE presents another edition of “Late Night Storytelling. The guest is a surprise this time, just come and check at the Gallery.