Things you need to know.

All ages
The Notorious IBE is for people of all ages. Kids 4 years and under don’t pay for a ticket.

It is not permitted to put up posters or advertise inside the festival locations without prior permission. Please contact

In the Netherlands the age for drinking alcohol is 18+. When in doubt IBE staff at the bar will request to see your I.D. Due to Dutch alcohol laws you are not allowed to consume alcoholic in the streets. At IBE alcohol can only be consumed at the indoor locations and the food court terrace.

ATM / Credit Cards / Payments
There are several ATM’s located around the festival area. In the Netherlands small stores, snackbars and taxi’s very often do not accept credit cards.

Drinks from outside the festival It is not permitted to bring beverages inside the festival locations.

Cameras photography
Photographing for publication (be it print, digital or any other professional context) is not allowed without authorization from the festival.  Photographing and filming for private use is allowed.

Culture Market
The Notorious IBE hosts a culture market on 5 and 6 August. For a booth at the culture market. Please contact

First Aid
A First Aid team is stationed at the festival. In case of an emergency contact the stage manager or the people working at the info / ticket desk

Food and snacks
It is not allowed to bring food other then fruits and sandwiches inside the festival locations.

Food allergies
If you require special food or drinks by reasons of a certain (food) allergy or other medical reasons make sure to bring a medical certificate.

Information Desk
If you have any questions, visit the people at the ticket desk for information.

It’s forbidden to bring
Animals, Beverages, Drones, Drugs, Explosives, Fireworks, Flyers, Food, Knives, Laser pointers, Markers, Posters, Promotional materials, Professional cameras and Weapons to the festival locations.

It’s allowed to bring
cell phones & chargers, 
cigarettes & lighters, 
dancing shoes, 
digital & film cameras (non-pro), fanny packs, 
flags, go-pros, 
hats, inflatables, laptops, 
small towels, 
sun block, 

Lost and Found Desk
For lost and found items go to the ticket desk. Put your contact info visible on phone, wallet, bags, or other valuables.

Pre sale is cheaper
It’s cheaper to buy your tickets online prior to the festival then at the door. Buy your tickets here

Registration for battles and workshops
There is no pre-registration to participate in activities at The Notorious IBE. Registration for dance battles, talkshows, workshops, masterclasses takes place at the location of the program on festival day.  Registration is free. There is no extra fee for workshops but you will need a festival wristband. Registration for dance battles and workshops start 1 hours prior to starting time at the location of the program. Please note, programs can be full.

Rules of conduct at festival locations
– Everyone is subject to search upon entry
– Be respectful towards other festival visitors
– Be respectful towards the festival staff and volunteers
– Orders from festival staff or security must be listened to at all times

Selling Merchandise
It is not permitted to sell goods or merchandise without prior agreement. To rent a market stall at the culture market please contact

All festival locations are patrolled by security guards. Follow their instructions at all times. They are there for your protection and to help you if you should need it.

Tickets / Wristband
E-tickets have to be exchanged for a festival wristband at the ticket desk.

Ticket Desk opening hours
– Friday 10 august – 16:00 – 22:00 hrs
– Saturday 11 august – 10.00 – 21.30 hrs
– Sunday 12 august – 12.00 – 19.00 hrs

Toilets are located at the indoor festival locations.