Jussi “Focus” Sirvio 3 times IBE Footwork Battle winner from Finland presents another edition of his “Focus on Footwork” competition.

DetailsGuidelines for the IBE Focus Footwork Battle. How to win and how to get eliminated: Master your basic steps, styles, flow, directions and FORM. No freezes, backrocks, dynamics (known for most as power moves). Originality and Musicality are a must. No repeats. Master your basics and add your own originality on top. A lot of people have only one style of footwork, while a BBOY with ill footwork aims to master all the styles: the basic rotational style, extended style footwork, kneesweep/prezel style, kneerock style, elbow rock style etc. Even threading if done in a footwork context. Mastering directions means switching ways, going from side to side, front to back, up to down and so on. Only going around in circles doesn’t necessarily get you too far. By judging form we mean the shape of your footwork, does it look fresh or not. Your stance tells a lot about your footwork, it defines how everything else looks. Form is the most important of these guidelines on judging a footwork battle. No freezes and back rocks is pretty self explanatory but we’ve seen people throw air freezes in a footwork battle so it had to be put up there. Dynamics is up there because I actually consider a lot of my footwork steps power moves. So saying no power moves would be too limiting, a dope bboy IS a power move!MusicFunk - Hip Hop- Jazzy sounds that stimulate the creativity and musicality DJ'sFleg (usa), Smirnoff (rus)JudgesMenno (hol, Roxrite (usa), AT (finland)Hosted ByTBAFestival DaySunday 06 AugustTime14:30 - 16:30 hrsLocationCypher 2 Organised byBBoy Focus FMC