The Notorious IBE is a true festival. A place to experience music, dance, art, fashion and cultural programs related to hip hop dance culture. Each year the festival comes to life through a collaboration of partners from the worldwide community who curate their own programs, invite their own artists and connect to their own following

The Notorious IBE is a place where insiders and outsiders of the culture feel at home. The programs are accessible, current, progressive and focused on participation, creating a setting in which all levels, ages, tradition and innovation go hand in hand.

As an initiator and promoter of hip hop and urban dance in the Netherlands The Notorious IBE has been contributing to the diversity of the Dutch cultural landscape since 1998. The festival offers the authenticity, creativity and innovation new generations all over the world are looking for. Furthermore the festival presents hip hop culture in a diverse and progressive way contributing to a complete view and sharp image of the culture.

Governance Code for Culture
The Notorious IBE works under the principles of the Governance Code Culture. The code relates to Dutch subsidized cultural organizations and gives guidelines to proper, accountable and transparent governance.

The Notorious IBE is organized by volunteers from which only a few persons with core functions operating under the supervision of the festival board receive a limited fee. For the execution of the budget the festival board is accountable to the Dutch Government, City of Heerlen and Province of Limburg supporting this event. In addition to this financial support the festival board covers the operating costs of the event through ticket sales, sponsorships, the sale of merchandise and catering.

Festival board
P. Reijns -chairman
R. Seelen -treasurer
I. Dassen -secretary
W. Schroeders

Project leader
R. Maatar

Artistic leader
T. Van der Meer

Dance programming advisors
D. Traa Nguyen 
K. Gopie 
J. Bouterse
A. Soyer

Music programming 
M. Walden
K. Van den Berg

Indoor production
M. Walden

Outdoor production

Artist & crew handling
A. Soyer

Facilities, sales and sponsoring
J. Knols

C. Kerkhof

2019 program partners Netherlands
Open Your Mind
The Perfect Beat Challenge
Kings of Colors Festival
Freedom City
Jamdown Dancehall
House of Vineyard
Red Bull BC One
HFC Dance Studio
Poppodium Nieuwe Nor

2019 program partners international
BBIC Korea
BreakFree Worldwide
Undisputed World BBoy Series
Break Down the House

Media partner
ProDance TV, New Dance Media,

The 2019 festival edition is supported by
City of Heerlen, Province of Limburg, Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie, Heerlen Mijn Stad, Harlequin Floors, Rabobank,
McDonalds Heerlen, Nieuwe Nor, Parkstad Limburg Theater, Red Bull, MABS4.0


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